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Are you a business owner, Investor or potential partner for an Agglomeration?

Would you like to understand what is required to be a Director of a publicly listed company?


Do you want to know how a new company can grow to $500m in revenue in less than 3 years?  (And everything that can go wrong along the way?)

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Since 2015 Callum Laing and Jeremy Harbour have been building, adapting and refining the Agglomeration model to provide a platform for small businesses to grow and a vehicle for sophisticated capital to benefit from the best of small business in a fast growth, high yielding product.


In this fully immersive and interactive day of training you will get to see what it is like to manage a fast growth agglomeration on the public markets.  Who are your key stakeholders and how do you satisfy them all? It is fun, fast paced and uses real life case studies bolstered with commentary and key learnings from Callum who hosts it.  As well as learning everything you need to know about the Agglomeration and a lot about yourself, you will also see in real time how different parties react at different stages throughout the journey.


As well as a chance to connect with Callum and the team about your own specific situation, there is also a follow up call one week after the course to see what you have been able to apply and what questions or learnings have come up.


Cost of the workshop USD $5,000

2020 dates

March 12 UK
April 23 Singapore
June 1 UK
June 25 Miami
September 14 Boston



Caleb Kiu

Small business owner

Highly recommended for SME owners who want to understand how their companies may be publicly listed.


Choong Chee Huei

Head of procurement

This is a great training course.  Paradigm shifting and really help to reframe my traditional thinking about capital and how to unlock capital.  I recommend the course to anyone who wants to unlock value and build equity in business.


Garret Gosselink

consultant & investor

Mind blowing concept that can help small business owners unlock the value in their companies. I would recommend anyone who is interested in creating value in their business to attend.

chris isbell.jpg

Chris Isbell

Company CEO

I highly recommend the Agglomeration Workshop and am excited to explore this as a viable option for my company.


Richard Hall

Business Owner

This seems to be a new model which really could succeed and could help my business. I shall be looking much harder into it, start developing the links and see if i can join.


Mike Howard

Shareholder in Recruitment Business

Entering another world takes one from the comfort zone of knowledge to vulnerability. Experiencing this trip into the world of PLC's was fascinating and extremely informative. I cannot recommend this workshop enough in adding value and knowledge to my circle of influence. 


Andy Hill

Investor and Director

An extremely insightful day, highlighting the fundamental differences between being an entrepreneur as opposed to a PLC. Very intense yet fun, with an incredible amount of information and scenarios covered in an interactive way. Great team, well run and delivered. A must attend to truly understand agglomeration.


The agglomeration workshop is an awesome experience! It's an educational experience everyone in business should have.

KC Evans

michael palomo.jpg

This is a different ball game with lots of upside. An opportunity for gain for everyone involved.

Michael Palomo

Business Owner

Mitesh Soma

Company Director

The Agglomeration workshop was a highly educational interactive event. The content and games were very well thought out and delivered in a way to demystify the markets.

craig keddie.jpg

Craig Keddie

Company Director

The interactive format of the workshop both enhanced my learning of the content and stretched me personally. I highly recommend attending. The model will be successful. 


Robert Wilson


It has given a very insightful look into Agglomeration and the model, how it can really help SME business, how it can help them grow and release value in their business.


Rob Richmond

Business Investor

Eye Opening! A great day packed full of interactive learning. If your goal is to be a board member of a PLC or take a biz public this is the course for you! Amazing and worth every penny!


Paul McFadden


Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop...The fact it is very experimental with real life examples thrown in to the mix to help you understand and learn from live scenarios to better prepare you for the real world of M&A...If you want to accelerate your learning and growth I'd highly recommend attending. 


Daniel Every

Lead Associate

Very good and well structured day. Lots of interaction and learning from the front of the room as well as peers. Recommend thoroughly!


Calvin Woon


The agglomeration workshop is a highly experiential workshop where you get to learn and experience some fo the challenges you'll go through as a board member of a listed company.  I do recommend this workshop to people who are keen to learn more abou the journey of a managing a listed company.


Loved the Workshop! Informative, telling, and most importantly - FUN! Thank you, Callum.

Lana Coronado


Adrian Knight

Company Director

Attending the Agglomeration Workshop was a fascinating insight into the world of capital markets anf life operating as an executive in a public business. The course was well structured, well placed and most importantly, based on real world experience. Callum was though provoking and an engaging presenter. Highly recommended!



Business owner

It's done in the form of a game where you are placed in different scenarios and have to come up with solutions in a timely manner. It is a tremendous way to learn about Agglomeration and I highly recommend it.


Jon Wightman

Strategy and Operations Director

A very informative workshop which has made me understand the model in more detail. I have enjoyed the tasks as it has made me think outside the boxing certainly took me out of my comfort zone. Great day with other business owners. 


Philip Halpin 

Managing Director & Non Exec Director

A great insight into how markets operate, how public companies are valued, and the problems they face on a daily basis. Callum and the team give it to you straight about the disadvantages and advantages of sitting on a public board and the workshop simulates a day in the life of a board member and the decisions they may have to take. Great informative event, very well delivered. Thank you!

Some of what gets covered

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• Our Values and how they apply
• The Entrepreneurs Journey
• Macro environments

• Investment Disconnect
• Disruption and attraction of scale

• M&A Learnings & Opportunities for Growth
• Our Solution - The Agglomeration™ Model

• Core Positives of the Agglomeration™ Model

• The Agglomeration™ Criteria

• Ways to partner with Unity Group

• Market Selection for new Listings & IPO vs RTO
• Which markets and Why

• Exchange Selection
• Sector Specific vs Diversified Investment Holding Companies

• Case studies
• Accelerated Venture Capital & Agglomeration
• Board Structure & Mandates
• SME to PLC Paradigm Shift

• Who is Unity Group?

• The Agglomeration Process
• Collaborative Due Diligence!
• On-going reporting (and post listing reporting)
• On-going reporting
• Investor/Public Relations (IR/PR)
• Growth Opportunities
• Current Industries of focus

• Investment opportunities & Entrepreneurial Investing.