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Untapped value in the SME sector

At Unity Group, we acknowledged the significant value the small to medium-sized enterprise (“SME”) sector had to offer, identified the problems that limit investment – SMEs are perceived as risky, lack scale and illiquid – and have addressed these issues, de-risking the sector through pioneering the Agglomeration™ model (read more about Agglomeration™ here).


Agglomeration™ provides investors with previously unavailable investment opportunities in the SME space through a public equity platform, where regulations and governance practices are in place to give investors peace of mind.


We target only the strongest businesses and given the level of support provided to drive organic growth, we believe the investment initiation point is early enough for a meaningful level of value creation.


Our strategy is to focus on highly fragmented markets that have the potential for rapid consolidation of SMEs in the following sectors:


Education & Child Related Services

With strong underlying market drivers (i.e. higher female workforce and increased focus on education), there is strong demand for next generation related services globally. Unity Group aims to create a global leader in excellence, growth and innovation in childcare, education and next generation related services.


Sustainability Property Services

Sustainable investments surged by more than $2 trillion in the last two years, driving strong demand for assets that meet environmental, social and corporate-governance goals. Unity Group aims to build a broad-based property service vertical with innovative sustainability capabilities.


Human Resource

Human Resource services have progressed tremendously with many rising trends which fundamentally changes the industry (i.e. transfer to mobile, use of communities for recruitment and people analytics). Unity Group aims to energise the industry with innovative services redefining new heights.



We are well into the age of the “Internet of things”. While there are numerous established technology companies in the developed markets, there also are many interesting developments in Asia Pacific especially South East Asia which presents attractive opportunities for Unity Group.

Value creation through Agglomeration™

Agglomeration™ was developed to de-risk the SME sector, allowing investors access to an untapped market with significant potential for upside and yield.


1. Supernormal top line growth


Our strong deal pipeline allows for aggressive acquisitions of quality assets. Our network 
 defies traditional industry growth.

2. Earnings-accretion targets

Each joining SME is carefully selected, and we aim for earnings accretion to the holding 
 company for each transaction.

3. Liquidity

 The public equity platform vastly expands addressable investor market, attracting capital and 
 creating liquid shares that appeal to growth investors.

4. Consolidation

Agglomeration™ facilitates industry consolidation through a revolutionary model that 
 potentially serves as a basis for higher valuations.

5. Diversified risk profile

The model has the potential to lower country, currency, segment and political risks for 

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