Jeremy Harbour

CEO and Founder, Unity Group


Jeremy Harbour is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Unity Group, a private equity firm specialising in helping entrepreneurs grow their small to medium enterprises (SMEs). He is an expert in mergers and acquisitions (M&As) for SMEs, having bought and sold over 50 firms, as well as advised on more than 200 deals.


Through Unity Group, Jeremy is pioneering a new business model called the Agglomeration, whereby a group of SMEs, from within the same industry, group together under a central publicly-listed holding company. Each SME swaps their private shares for public shares in the holding company but retains a high degree of operational autonomy. This model enables entrepreneurs to continue running their business as before but benefit from share liquidity and the scale of being part of a larger group.


He also conducts lectures globally on the subject of M&A for SMEs, with a focus on distressed and motivated acquisitions. Jeremy has also coached leaders across a variety of multinational organisations including Moore Stevens, KPMG, Tesco and Microsoft on acquiring small to medium sized companies. He is the shareholder and advisory director of The Mint National Bank as well as co-founder and former Chairman of The Marketing Group (ST: TMG, FRANKFURT: 2MG). Jeremy is also a DBS Business Class advisor, a platform that allows SMEs to access business advice from industry experts.


Jeremy has been awarded Coutts Entrepreneur of the Year runner-up three times. He served on the fundraising committee of the Prince’s Trust, and has advised both the Buckingham Palace and the UK parliament on matters of business and enterprise. Jeremy is also the author of two books, “Go Do” and “Agglomerate: From Idea to IPO in 12 Months”.


In 2009, Jeremy founded the Harbour Club, which provides experiential training to entrepreneurs globally. The Harbour Club is a unique workshop to help entrepreneurs with real tactics for buying, fixing, and selling businesses.

Callum Laing

Head of Asia, Unity Group


Callum Laing is the Head of Asia for the Unity Group, a private equity and advisory firm specialising in supporting entrepreneurs and small to medium enterprises (SMEs). Prior to which, he has spent more than two decades starting, building, buying, and selling half a dozen businesses in a range of sectors, including sports and lifestyle, information technology, as well as telecommunications.

Through the Unity Group, Callum advises business owners in Asia on how to build their assets, leverage strategic alliances and expand or exit through acquisitions. With the Agglomeration model, he also helps businesses scale, increase the value of their companies and list publicly while retaining a high degree of operational autonomy.


Aside from his role at the Unity Group, Callum also holds the post of Director at Entrevo Asia. Entrevo helps entrepreneurs and leaders to craft their competitive advantage and build global SMEs. He is also the best-selling author of “Progressive Partnership – The Future of Business”, which he published in 2016 detailing the evolution of business from competition to collaboration. Callum also co-authored another book with Jeremy Harbour titled “Agglomerate – From Idea to IPO in 12 Months” which explores the Agglomeration business model.

Toby Street

Head of UK and Europe, Unity Group


Toby Street is the Head of UK and Europe for the Unity Group, a private equity firm specialising in supporting entrepreneurs and small-medium enterprises (SMEs). He has extensive experience in leading businesses to grow sustainably, structuring joint ventures and strategic collaboration, as well as investing for private equity.


Through the Unity Group, Toby helps business owners in the UK and Europe explore ways to increase the value of their companies and list publicly with the Agglomeration model. He also advises owners on how to build their assets, create and leverage strategic alliances, as well as expand and grow their businesses.


Prior to his time at Unity Group, Toby has held a number of positions in a variety of investment houses. Including Director of Investments, Novara Capital Partners where he provided clients with access to investment opportunities across various sectors.

Victor Tan

Chief Financial Officer


Victor Tan is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountant in Australia.  He has over 15 years’ experience in the finance field ranging from Big 4 chartered accounting firms, start-up/SMEs to large listed multinational companies. Victor has undertaken and lead numerous due diligence, restructure and post-acquisition integration roles in South East Asia and the United Kingdom.

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