Connecting Investors With Small Businesses

Unity Group brings together fantastic small business from around the world with sophisticated investors through the proprietary methodology known as Agglomeration TM. This unique model allows good, well run businesses to get all the benefits of being a public company whilst keeping their own business brand and culture.


For investors, the agglomeration model allows full liquidity in fast-growth companies with proven leadership and great fundamentals. 

Our Values

Our Vision


To create a symbiotic business environment where ethical, well-intentioned finance freely supports great small businesses and allows them to flourish.  Empowering entrepreneurs that create the value and jobs to enhance what they are doing through financial products that offer great returns and flexibility to investors.


Our Mission

Unity Group exists to assist proven small business owners to scale and solve bigger and more meaningful problems as well as connecting them with ethical, patient investors that enable them to grow. Our team, our partners and the stakeholders we choose to work with, embrace our values of Trust, Collaboration and Velocity

We act with integrity and honesty and assume this value in others.
Relentless focus on achieving the best results in the most timely and effective way.
Working together to solve bigger problems. Progress through partnerships.
Unlocking the under-invested SME sector
Agglomeration™ is a unique type of collaboration where a group of SMEs join forces and list publicly on a global exchange.