Connecting Investors With Small Businesses

Unity Group brings together fantastic small businesses from around the world with sophisticated investors through the proprietary methodology known as Agglomeration™. This unique model allows good, well-run businesses to get all the benefits of being a public company whilst keeping their own business brand and culture.


For investors, the agglomeration model allows full liquidity in fast-growth companies with proven leadership and great fundamentals. 

Our Values

Our Vision


To create a symbiotic business environment where ethical, well-intentioned finance freely supports great small businesses and allows them to flourish.  Empowering entrepreneurs that create value and jobs to enhance what they are doing through financial products that offer great returns and flexibility to investors.


Our Mission

Unity Group exists to assist proven small business owners to scale and solve bigger and more meaningful problems as well as connect them with ethical, patient investors that enable them to grow. Our team, our partners, and the stakeholders we choose to work with, embrace our values of Trust, Collaboration, and Velocity

Fists in Solidarity
We act with integrity and honesty and assume this value in others.
Image by Martin Adams
Relentless focus on achieving the best results in the most timely and effective way.
Coworkers Working Together
Working together to solve more significant problems. Progress through partnerships.

The values of Agglomeration™


Can we have universal values when each company that joins has its own unique culture and values?  Especially when we emphasise independence/ autonomy?  We believe so and you’ll see that not only do our values make perfect sense in the context of what we are trying to achieve, but they also tend to attract companies, and hopefully investors, that share those values.


TRUST - As entrepreneurs ourselves we trust other entrepreneurs to do what is right to continue to build value for their clients and their teams.  It is our belief that you get better results, especially with entrepreneurs, when you give control rather than try and take control. Whilst a centralised command and control strategy looks great on paper, we don’t believe it offers the best solution in today’s dynamic environment. However, trust does not mean irresponsibility.  The companies joining will be fully audited with full due diligence.  


VELOCITY - When you trust the team you work with it allows you to move fast and make quick decisions.  The only competitive advantage a small business really has over a big corporation is its ability to make quick decisions and act on them.  The fear is always that it may lead to mistakes and of course it will.  But then there are plenty of committees that slow things down and still make the wrong decision.  When mistakes are made, the temptation is to start adding rules.  Before long you are a bureaucracy where common sense is a diminishing value.  The only effective counter to this and the only way to capitalise on moving fast is to trust your team.  


COLLABORATION - We believe that the business world is evolving from an era of competition to an era of collaboration.  The Agglomeration™ is the ultimate form of collaborative IPO for small businesses, but it is also indicative of a mindset that focuses on solutions not problems, that emphasises empathy over confrontation.  We use the analogy of pulling your chair round to the other side of the table in order to see what the other person sees.  How do we get to a solution together?  Of course when you trust each other and are willing to collaborate, the whole business can move at a much higher velocity.


We offer business owners a solution that few others can; a platform to scale and the autonomy to do so in the way they feel is best.  But our values are an integral part of that.  This model doesn’t appeal to all and so in many ways it is self-selecting.  We are genuinely drawn to honourable entrepreneurs, the kind you would be happy to take home and introduce to your mum.  Through our own reputations and those that we bring in it gets easier to attract good people.  It may strike others as old-fashioned, but these are the people we want to work with.

Unlocking the under-invested SME sector
Agglomeration™ is a unique type of collaboration where a group of SMEs join forces and list publicly on a global exchange.