A simpler way to scale

Agglomeration™ is a three step process as illustrated below.

1. Create or source an appropriate Holding Company for the Agglomeration™.


2. Select mature, profitable, and debt-free businesses (a.k.a. subsidiaries) for the Agglomeration™.


3. Acquisition – under a special purpose vehicle (“SPV”) – of the respective subsidiaries by the Holding Company through the issuance of public-listed shares in the Holding Company to the original owners of the subsidiaries.



Easing the private-to-public transition


Unity Group is a separate legal entity that is engaged by and reports to the Holding Company’s Board of Management. Our function is to provide corporate finance, corporate secretarial, and group legal advice and carry out the acquisitions process for incoming agglomerated businesses.


With our suite of corporate office support functions, we facilitate the agglomerated business’s transition from being a private entity to a public-listed one over and above our unparalleled deal introduction capabilities.


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