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Here you can find mini videos and documentation which address some of the topics and questions which we are asked on a day to day basis relating to Agglomeration. 

CHAPTER 2: What is Agglomeration and how did it come about?

CHAPTER 3: What does the small business landscape look like?

CHAPTER 4: What is Agglomeration in a nutshell?

CHAPTER 5: Who is the Agglomeration for?

CHAPTER 6: Why do companies want to join an Agglomeration?

CHAPTER 7: When is the best time to join an Agglomeration?

CHAPTER 8: The joining process.

CHAPTER 9: What we need from you.

CHAPTER 10: The cost of joining.

CHAPTER 11: The ongoing costs.

CHAPTER 12: Working with introducers.

CHAPTER 13: What is an SPV? (Special purpose vehicle)

CHAPTER 14: Ongoing requirements of being in a plc.

CHAPTER 15: Why a diversified investment holding group?

CHAPTER 17: Industry verticals and Corporate governance.

CHAPTER 18: Board of Directors and subcommittees.

CHAPTER 19: Board of Directors and subcommittees (Part 2)

CHAPTER 20: The Lock up period.

CHAPTER 21: Joining the Senate with the other Principals.

CHAPTER 22: Reserved matters.

CHAPTER 23: Selecting a market.

CHAPTER 24: Dealing with companies that fail.

CHAPTER 25: Transparency in Agglomeration.

CHAPTER 26: Stock options for my team/staff.

CHAPTER 27: Understanding the share price.

CHAPTER 28: Share price volatility.

CHAPTER 29: Metrics that matter in a public company.

CHAPTER 30: Use of bonds and debt.

CHAPTER 31: Dividends and buy back - use of profit.

CHAPTER 32: Doing your own acquisitions.

CHAPTER 33: Bonus shares.

CHAPTER 34: Financial reporting.

CHAPTER 35: Year 1 Unwind clause.

CHAPTER 36: Communicating to the Media.

CHAPTER 37: Working with your peers in an Agglomeration.

CHAPTER 38: Succession planning in a plc.

CHAPTER 39: Funding.

CHAPTER 40: Accelerated Venture Capital (AVC)

CHAPTER 41: Is this a long term, sustainable model?

CHAPTER 42: Top down myth.

CHAPTER 43: Your representative on the Board. 

CHAPTER 44: AgglomerNation.

CHAPTER 45: Investors we look for.

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